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Stewardship is a way of life for Catholics. It means living your faith, every day, in your actions, your words and your thoughts.

First, stewardship means acknowledging that everything we have comes from God. God gives us talents, skills and intellect. We take these gifts and, through hard work and effort, we increase what we were given. Although it was through our own efforts that we have what we have, we acknowledge that God gave us the head start. In gratitude for what He has given us, we are asked to give back to Him.

Where He has gifted us with time, we are asked to return to Him our prayers, praise and thanksgiving, in the Mass and our "daily conversations with God". This is called the Stewardship of Time.

Where He has gifted us with skills, we are asked to return to Him our actions, through ministry and service to others. This is called Stewardship of Talent.

Where He has gifted us with financial blessings, we are asked to return to Him a tithe, the 'first fruits of our labor'. This is called Stewardship of Treasure.

Second, in acknowledging that God is the source of our blessings, we are praising Him. By giving back to Him, we are affirming that our lives are blessed, ‘only by the grace of God’. When you consider how different your life would have been if you had been born in a different place, with a different family, under different circumstances, you begin to feel a sense of gratitude.

 Lastly, as our Heavenly Father, God wants us to recognize our dependence on Him. Through Him and the gift of His Only Son, Jesus Christ, we have eternal life with Him. When we come to the end of our journey and we see God, face to face, how will we answer the question:

 “What did you do with all that I gave you?”